Congratulations to PGSG’s 2015 Award winners

Congratulations to all the 2015 PGSG award winners. We are pleased to announce the following recipients:

Grad student paper awards:
1. PhD Student Paper: Emma Mullaney, Penn State University for ”Geopolitical Maize: Peasant Seeds, Everyday Practices, and Food Security in Mexico” (honorable mention is Katherine Sammler)
2. MA: Kelsey Carlson, Syracuse University for “Drawing Borders to Dispossess and Placing Dakota People in the Present: Alternative Territoriality”

Alexander B. Murphy Dissertation Enhancement Award:
Keegan Williams, Wilfrid Laurier University for “Arriving Somewhere but not Here: Exploring and Mapping the Relationship between Border Enforcement and Migration by Boat in the Central Mediterranean Sea, 2006-2014”

Student Travel awards:
1. Ali Nehme Hamdan, UCLA
2. Genevieve Parente, UBC
3. Wes Attewell, UBC
4. Joshua Watkins, UC Davis

Non-student awards:
1. Stanley D. Brunn Young Scholar Award: Simon Springer, U of Victoria
2. Richard Morrill Public Outreach Award: Martin Müller, U of Zurich
3. Julian Minghi Outstanding Book Award: Emma Norman, Northwest Indian College for Governing Transboundary Waters: Canada, the United States and Indigenous Communities (Routledge 2014)
4. Virginie Mamadouh Outstanding Research Award: Sarah Mills, Loughborough University for ‘An instruction in good citizenship’: scouting and the historical geographies of citizenship education (Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 2013)

PGSG Business Meeting Thursday

A quick reminder to everyone at AAG in Chicago — please join us for the PGSG Business Meeting:

Thursday, April 23 at 11:50 am in Columbus CD (Hyatt, East Tower, Gold Level)