CfP: New Perspectives on Mediterranean Integration

AAG 2018 New Orleans

New Perspectives on Mediterranean Integration

Organizers: William Kutz (University of Manchester), Camilla Hawthorne (UC Berkeley), Xavier Ferrer-Gallardo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra); Maribel Casas-Cortes (UNC Chapel Hill)


The ongoing effects of the Eurozone crisis and political upheavals since the Arab Spring have significantly altered the established coordinates of Mediterranean space and society. Geographers have sought to explain these phenomena through the changing forms of state borders and territoriality, the spatial re-divisions capital and class, and the contested spaces of migration, citizenship, and belonging. However, much of this research remains largely fragmented along predominant sub-disciplinary concerns, territorial scales, and regional foci.


This multi-session CFP aims to bring together work on Mediterranean integration – in the broadest sense – as a means to traverse these divisions and to place emerging debates into greater conversation with each other.  Our goal is to explore alternative ways to imagine the geographies of Mediterranean sociability and exchange as a means to develop new avenues for future research in the region.


The following themes are proposed as starting points for paper presentations:

  • Rethinking borders and migration movements (New Keywords Collective 2014)
  • Mediterranean market power (Escribano, 2006; Damro, 2012)
  • The constitutive power of outsiders (Browning & Christou, 2010; Cassarino, 2014)
  • Geo-economics and internationalization (Smith, 2015; Sellar et al., 2017)
  • New/unusual regional formations (Celata & Coletti, 2015; Ferrer-Gallardo & Kramsch, 2016)
  • Culture and cosmopolitanism (Dietz, 2004; Moisio, et al., 2012; Giglioli, 2017)
  • The Black Mediterranean (Hawthorne, 2017; Danewid, 2017)
  • Citizenship, belonging, subalterity (Pace, 2005; Sidaway, 2012)
  • Geopolitical fantasies (Bialasiewicz, et al., 2013; Scott, et al., 2017)
  • Alternative paths, edges, and nodes (Giaccaria & Minca, 2011; Casas-Cortes, et al., 2013)
  • Conflict and diplomacy (Dittmer & McConnell, 2015; Jones & Clark, 2015)
  • Comparative Mediterraneanisms (Mansour, 2001; Bromberger, 2007; Whitehead, 2015)

Do not hesitate to get in touch to see if you have an idea that goes beyond the specified themes, or if you already have a session you would like to include with our other topics for greater visibility.


Please email abstracts (250 words) to William Kutz ( by 15 October. Notifications will be sent by 20 October. Participants will need to register and submit their abstracts on the conference website by the 25 October deadline.



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