Stanley D. Brunn Junior Scholar Award:
2017 Sara Koopman, Tampere Peace Research Institute
2016 Josh Inwood, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
2015 Simon Springer, University of Victoria
2014 Natalie Koch, Syracuse University
2013 Fiona McConnell, Newcastle University
2012 Alex Jeffery, Newcastle University
2011 Carl Dahlman, Miami University of Ohio
2010 Alison Mountz, Syracuse University
2009 Dave Janssen, Uppsala University
2008 Nick Megoran, Newcastle University
2007 Anna Secor, University of Kentucky
2006 Jason Dittmer, Georgia Southern University
2005 Deborah Martin, Clark University

Richard Morrill Public Outreach Award:
2017 Élisabeth Vallet, University of Quebec at Montreal
2016 Brittany Gilmer, Florida International University
2015 Martin Müller, University of Zurich
2014 Sara Koopman, Wilfrid Laurier University
2013 Jeremy Slack, University of Arizona
2012 Frank Jacobs, New York Times Borderlines Blog
2011 Jason Dittmer, University College, London
2010 Joseph Nevins, Vassar College
2009 Steven Graves, California State University, Northridge
2008 Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway, University of London
2007 Jerry Webster, University of Wyoming
2006 Sarah Elwood, University of Arizona
2005 David Newman, Ben Gurion University

Julian Minghi Distinguished Book Award:
2017 Reece Jones, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move (Verso)
2016 Philippa Williams (Queen Mary, University of London), Everyday Peace? : Politics, Citizenship and Muslim Lives in India (Wiley-Blackwell)
2015 Emma Norman (Northwest Indian College), Governing Transboundary Waters: Canada, the United States and Indigenous Communities (Routledge)
2014 Adam Moore (UCLA), Peacebuilding in Practice: Local Experience in Two Bosnian Towns (Cornell University Press)
2013 Reece Jones (University of Hawai’i-Manoa), Border Walls: Security and the War on Terror in the United States, India, and Israel (Zed Books)
2012 Gerard Toal (Virginia Tech) and Carl Dahlman (Miami University), Bosnia Remade: Ethnic Cleansing and its Reversal
2011 Matthew Hannah (Aberystwyth University), Dark Territory in the Information Age: Learning from the West German Census Controversies of the 1980s (Ashgate)
2010 Stuart Elden (Durham University), Terror and Territory: The Spatial Extent of Sovereignty (University of Minnesota Press)
2009 Rachel Pain (Durham University) and Susan Smith (Durham University), Fear: Critical Geopolitics and Everyday Life (Ashgate)
2008 Derek Gregory (UBC) and Allan Pred (UC Berkeley), Violent Geographies: Fear, Terror, and Political Violence (Routledge)
2006 James Tyner (Kent State University), Iraq, Terror and the Philippines’ Will to War (Rowman & Littlefield)
2005 Lynn Staeheli, Linda Peake, and Eleonore Kofman, Mapping Women, Making Politics: Feminist Perspectives on Political Geography (Routledge)

Virginie Mamadouh Outstanding Research Award:
2017 James Tyner (Kent State University) and Rachel Will (University of Georgia) for “Nature and Post-Conflict Violence: Water Management under the Communist Party of Kampuchea, 1975–1979” (Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 2015)
2016 Ian Shaw (University of Glasgow) and Katie Meehan (University of Oregon), for ‘Force-Full: Power, Politics and Object-Oriented Philosophy’ (Area 2013)
2015 Sarah Mills (Loughborough University), for “‘An instruction in good citizenship’: scouting and the historical geographies of citizenship education” (Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 2013)

Alexander B. Murphy Dissertation Enhancement Award:
2017 Kuan-chi Wang, University of Oregon
2016 Carly Nichols, University of Arizona
2015 Keegan Williams, Wilfrid Laurier University
2014 Galen Murton, University of Colorado
2013 Craig Jones, University of British Columbia
2012 Nicholas Crane, Ohio State University
2010 Richelle Bernazzoli, University of Illinois
2009 Joomi Lee, University of Texas-Austin; Afton Clarke-Sather, University of Colorado
2008 Sara Koopman, University of British Columbia
2007 Sara Smith, University of Arizona
2006 Reece Jones, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2005 Marco Antonsich, University of Colorado-Boulder
2004 Mark Pendras, Rutgers University
2003 Gabriel Popescu, Florida State University
2002 Brennan Kraxberger, University of Iowa

PhD Student Paper Award:
2017 Sara Hughes, UCLA
2016 Casey Lynch, University of Arizona
2015 Emma Mullaney, Penn State University
2014 Ian Rowen, University of Colorado-Boulder
2013 Jill Williams, Clark University
2012 Kean Fan Lim, UBC; Natalie Koch, University of Colorado-Boulder
2011 Nancy Hiemstra, Syracuse University
2010 Kyle Walker, University of Minnesota; Sandra Zupan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Joomi Lee, University of Texas
2009 Keith Lindner, Syracuse University
2008 Kara Dempsey, UW-Madison; Erinn Nicely, University of Illinois
2007 Tristan Sturm, UCLA
2006 Adam Moore, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2005 Reece Jones, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2004 Marco Antonsich, University of Colorado-Boulder
2003 Daniel Trudeau, University of Colorado-Boulder
2002 Jacquie Housel, SUNY-Buffalo; Gabriel Popescu, Florida State University

MA/MS Student Paper Award:
2017 Jessie Bolin, University of New Hampshire
2016 Amber Boll, University of Kentucky
2015 Kelsey Carlson, Syracuse University
2014  —
2013 Malene Jacobsen, University of Kentucky
2012 Kyle Loewen, Rutgers University
2011 Michael Husebo, Georgia State University
2010 Chelsea Hanchett, Penn St.
2009  —
2008  —
2007 Ted Holland University of Colorado-Boulder; honorable mention: Sara Koopman, UBC

BA/BS Student Paper Award:
2017 Elora Ward, Sonoma State; honorable mention: John Preysner, University of Chicago
2015 Shivon Yim, York University; honorable mention: Brittney Ortega, U-Hawai’i-Manoa
2014 Azzah Ahmed, Syracuse University; honorable mentions: Zack Avre, Macalester and Rachael Gowland, U of Oregon
2013 Kiersten Strachan, University of Oklahoma
2012 Joseph Lee, Johns Hopkins University
2011 George Rahi, UBC
2010  —
2009 Amerita Ravuvu, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Past PGSG Presidents:
2016-17 Natalie Koch, Syracuse University
2014-15 Reece Jones, University of Hawai’i
2012-13 Mat Coleman, Ohio State University
2010-11 Jason Dittmer, University College, London
2008-09 Fiona Davidson, University of Arkansas
2006-07 Shannon O’Lear, University of Kansas
2004-05 Phil Steinberg, Florida State University
2002-04 Meghan Cope, SUNY-Buffalo